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We were looking for life insurance for my father for five months and got denied by seven insurance Companies because of his health history. I knew my neighbor sold insurance but I didn't know in what capacity. He explained that he had a plan that my father could qualify for even with his health issues. 

Although he was a licensed insurance agent, he was also an independent sales representative for First Advance Benefits of America. He offered us a plan called the Funeral Protector. The plan was only $5,000 to cover my dads funeral products, but that was just enough. We paid $1,180 for the plan on august 8, 2013. My father died on may 11, 2015. First Advance Benefits of America covered the casket, obituaries, prayer cards, flowers and his grave marker once he was buried. We were only responsible for paying $380 to the funeral home to cover my dad's service and embalming.

- N. Gomez-Estes

The water heater in my house finally went after 13 years. The warranty had expired on the unit 3 years prior. My wife remembered that the Business Protector we purchased from First Advance Benefits of America also covered the water heater in our home because our business was home-based.

When my wife called the company, she was informed that we were indeed covered for the water heater. They had the water heater sent and installed the next day through Home Depot.

- T. Roberts

We experienced an absolute brutal winter in New York City in 2015. I arrived at my store after the weekend to a pool of water. The pipes had frozen from the drop in temperature and caused them to explode. I posted the pictures of my damage on social media and within minutes my sales representative called me on my cell phone to find out why I had not called him about the store.

Actually, I had purchased the Business Protector from him a few months earlier, but I didn't know that it would cover the pipes exploding. He explained that my plan included flood restoration. They sent in a contractor to replace the damaged pipes and extract the water the same day.

- S. Johnson

"When the basement of my store was destroyed because of hurricane sandy, I was lucky to have had the Flood Protector with First Advance Benefits of America. My Insurance Company denied my claim because they said natural disasters were excluded from my plan. I contacted the claims department at First Advance Benefits of America expecting the same answer.

Not only did they honor my plan; they came within 2 hours with sump pumps to extract the water. They removed the damaged furniture and trash. The next day a contractor came by and removed the damaged sheet rock and wipe the plywood down with a solution to prevent mold from growing. This Company was there for me when my Insurance Company was not."

- S. Alexander

Why Us?

"We will cover you when your insurance company fails to do so."

When a family or business spends their hard earned dollars on an Insurance policy, the last thing they want to hear is that the Company is not going to honor their claim for whatever reason they give. When life happens; the only words our members want to hear is "we are on the way." The time to worry about filling out claims forms or answering a questionaire is not when catastrophy strikes.

First Advance Benefits of America way of doing business is to go resolve the issue first and deal with the claim forms later. We don't depend on a panel of individuals with bright ideas that are not in the field looking into our members eyes to witness the hurt from their loss. Our business model is solely built on "being there". The fact that we are a lot like our members, we go above and beyond.